Hotel Bahía Suites
巴伊亚套房酒店简介: 对于想要捕获巴拿马城城市风采的旅客来说,巴伊亚套房酒店(HotelBahíaSuites)是一个理想的选择。马科斯格拉伯特奥尔布鲁克机场位于间隔该酒店大概2km的地方。著名的景点NaturalScienceMuseum、GetOneBike和KeyDoh均可步行很短距离到达。从酒店到Tusislas.com游览很方便,PanamaCaves和EscapeHouse也均在附近。客房内的所有设施都是经过精心的考虑和安排,包括房内保险箱、空调和衣柜/衣橱,满足您入住需求的同时又能增添家的温馨感。倘若您在忙碌的一天后想在自己的客房内放松,提供吹风机的客房浴室是很好的选择。在餐厅服务方面,酒店西餐厅会提供美食。酒吧给旅客提供了一个舒适的环境,可供休憩。旅客想要在自己的房间边听音乐边享受美食,只需呼叫送餐服务。在享受酒店贴心周到的餐饮服务的同时,也别放弃对周边美味的探索,Enotria(西餐)、Caliope(海鲜)和LaVespa(意菜)也许是可以让您找到答案的地方。对于顾客来说,可以在室外游泳池享受锻炼的乐趣。24小时开放的前台服务可为您随时提供信息,以帮助您探索这个魅力之都。酒店客人可以额外使用免费停车场。

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This hotel is very bad. It's different then in the photos, not cleaned (cockroach in the bathroom) and they take off more money then needed for the mxtrip. Never respond at any emails. There are for the same price much better hotels to stay.

Having been many times a year in Panama City in the past few years and tried everything from two to five star hotels here, I (European, mainly traveling to panama on private trips), can finally say that I found a hotel that perfectly suits my needs. The hotel is in a central area, clean, has large and light rooms and comfy beds for a very fair price. Something that is not easy to find in Panama City. On the outside the hotel looks quite run down as most buildings in the area. However, the hotel seems to have been recently renovated on the inside (I stayed here years before) and now shows a pleasant reception area. The rooms (standard room) are friendly, have a modern touch and are spacious with large windows that let enough daylight in (curtains at night to make the rooms dark). TV works fine, furniture seems new. The bed is very comfy with a white bed sheet and a warm blanket and four (!!!!) large feathery pillows (not the thin and worn down micro plastic pillows you get elsewhere). Blankets are changed and cleaned daily. Air condition is new and works perfect. Bathrooms are ok but spacious with hot water. No fridge or coffee machine in the rooms. Staff is very friendly and helpful and speaks English. The hotel is in short walking distance to the Cinta Costera (5min) and from there it's maybe 10min to the famous Mercado de Mariscos. The metro station is 100m from the hotel entrance. Around the hotel there are some basic restaurants (rather for locals and travelers than for tourists but very delicious and at a good bargain) and small supermarkets. There is a restaurant in the hotel on the top floor. The neighborhood, however, might not be to everyone's gusto. It is a neighborhood that seems rather rough at night and it is advisable taking a taxi at night to arrive at the hotel. During the day I feel perfectly safe to walk around but don't expect to see the nice side of Panama City in this area. However, there is police everywhere and a police station close by. The restaurant of the hotel is situated on the terrace on the top floor, offering a great view of Panama City and Casco Viejo. There is also a swimming pool. The breakfast served is ok (two buns, butter and Marmelade, a bowl of fruit, eggs, coffee/cacao and orange juice). Given the price it's ok but don't expect much. Dinner however is very good. Great taste, nicely decorated and with a certain extra touch ( I had a Salat with fried calamari that came among others with apple and almonds on top, something very rare in normal priced restaurants in Panama). ALL IN ALL: Highly recommendable hotel if you look for something basic and central that is well taken care of. Not recommendable if you want to be in a nice area or look for a luxurious room/hotel.

In wouldn't recommend staying in this hotel if you're here as a tourist. You're far from the city - to be precise, in a very rough area. A lot of prostitution around here. You have to take a taxi anywhere you want to go to stay safe. The staff are very friendly but don't speak any english..I haven't met one staff member that can speak any other language. I would expect the reception to speak english byt they don't. The breakfast is very simple, you don't get a choice. Whatever is served that's what you get, whether you like it or not. The room is very spacious (203). The water in the shower is cold but also very spacious.

When we arrived the staff did not speak any English, but we were able to get in with my basic Spanish. At first she argued that breakfast was not included and when I showed her on my reservation it was, she conceded. The room was OK, but the beds are hard, the closet it tiny with 2 coat hangers, the safe is broken, wall paper is falling off the wall by the bed, sheets were extremely coarse, and there were only 2 bath towels (no hand towels or wash cloths). At first I thought the window must be open due to the noise, but quickly realized that it is just zero soundproofing in a noisy neighborhood, which is not a good formula for sleeping. The air-conditioner keeps the room cool, but blows continuously and you can only have it blowing on you which makes it too cold when it is on and too hot when it is off. We went to "breakfast" in the morning which was a bowl of pineapple, some dinner rolls, a cup of luke warm coffee and some orange drink. If you want anything more they charge you. We had to ask for someone to clean our room as by 3PM, it was still not cleaned. The morning staff did speak fluent English however. The neighborhood seems a bit bad, but no one bothered us walking about. The big upside is that it is only a block from a subway station and 3 blocks from the water, which is very nice. Basically I would not stay again and not recommend the place. I will look for another hotel nearby next time.


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哇哦~ ​​​​
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美国 · 塞班 2018-04-26 费用, 行程, 塞班岛, 高尔夫
备注: 原标题:(免签证)美国塞班岛5天4晚3球高尔夫之旅,来一次说走就说的旅行 1.酒店早餐后,出发至【劳劳贝高尔夫】; 备注:海悦山居单房差550元/晚,海悦小筑只有大床房;时间约为2小时 上海-塞班岛 注:海悦小筑套房(一室一厅),只有大床房哦
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巴拿马 · 巴拿马城 行程共1天,4个地点
巴拿马城: 巴拿马运河 -Museo del Canal Interoceánico -Casco Viejo老城区 -巴拿马旧城区
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好啦~Goodnight?? ​​​​
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澳门瑞吉 酒店 “雅舍”餐厅推出土生葡人下午茶
中国 · 澳门 2018-04-24 下午茶, 土生, 澳门, 宾客
澳门瑞吉金沙城中心酒店内的“雅舍”餐厅将搜罗充满传统风味的澳葡特色食谱,于每周六下午3至6时为饕客带来澳葡传统美馔—土生葡人下午茶,透过多款澳葡特色美点,感受揉合中西文化魅力的地道澳葡饮食文化;  澳门瑞吉金沙城中心酒店位于澳门路凼金光大道,坐落在繁华的娱乐中心,设有400间雅致华丽的客房及套房
中国 · 台北 2018-04-21
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