Secret Hotel简介: SecretGuestHouse住宿加早餐旅馆在Accra市,设有室内游泳池和一间餐厅,提供免费无线网络连接。住宿加早餐旅馆的每间客房均配有电视、空调、休息区以及带冰箱和电烧水壶的完整小厨房。私人浴室配有浴缸,亦配有浴缸或淋浴和免费洗浴用品。SecretGuestHouse住宿加早餐旅馆设有健身中心,提供杂货送货服务、共用休息室和旅游咨询台等其他设施以及免费停车场。

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The comfy of the bed and breakfast in bed. The stuff started preparing our room only when we arrived in the premises, which wasn't a good thing because we had to wait few minutes, by the time our room was ready we realized that the toilet wasn't flushing and the bathroom was flooded with water. The water wasn't running in the morning, we couldn't even take the shower.

Everything was just fine. Nothing in particular

The Breakfast was always delicious and outside of two persons mentioned in the dislikes the staff was cordial and courteous exhibiting the best of Ghanaian hospitality.The Dinners were generally good though it did appear on occasion that they were prepared early and then brought at the requested time.. Obviously, I disliked the unprofessional and confrontational attitude of the young woman who I assume was the manager (and was referred by the other staff as 'madam' and one heavy set female member of the wait staff . After communicating through the mxtrip app repeatedly (6 times) about the lack of water flow in either of the two rooms that I was placed in I was accosted by said persons in front of the property one Sunday evening because I used that means to communicate with the manager (who was never around) and it was their opinion that I was making the business look bad (the fact that for three days I continued to present the matter to the wait staff and always received varying answers as to what was going or that there was no working light in the rooms bathroom isn't what made the property look bad it was my using the mxtrip app and asking about it which did). Additionally they seemed to blame me for their properties issues. Some which judging from previous reviews are at least three years old. Incidentally three days before I checked out they installed phones so that one could talk directly to reception.There was also the initial effort to charge a much different price from what they have listed on and even having a different exchange rate which was significantly different from the official rate.If the rooftop restaurant were actually clean and functional it would be a nice venue for the view (see photos below).The pool, sauna and jacuzzi are not functioning and didn't appear to have been for some time and contrary to the listing they do not offer area tours.Ordering Dinners where your order had to be made in the morning did not allow for any unforeseen changes in plans due to for example inclement weather.The location is far from any restaurant or taxi stand (arranging transportation was an issue) and quite distant from area attractions. These things should be noted in their listing.

The staff were ever available and supportive. They seemed under-staffed.


2018年曼谷自驾游(泰国人喜欢去的地方 - 特别推荐版)- 必访景点,必吃美食,必访抓龙筋马杀鸡,曼谷这样玩就对了!
2018年曼谷自驾游(泰国人喜欢去的地方 - 特别推荐版)- 必访景点,必吃美食,必访抓龙筋马杀鸡,曼谷这样玩就对了!
泰国 · 曼谷 Petewong 发表于2018-02-16
KARMAKAMET SECRET WORLD Yodpiman River Walk Terminal 21;Hotel Emporium Suites
澳大利亚 · 墨尔本 2018-02-16
Sushi Hon、The Waterside HotelSecret Kitchen Chinatown(CBD Chinatown)、Strand Restaurant、Yokoso Izakaya Japanese Restaurant、Fish Tank、Bobo's Diner
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澳大利亚 · 悉尼 dear_Even 发表于2018-01-27
午餐Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel;但最好吃的还是在墨尔本,city的the secret kitchen正斗
印度尼西亚 · 巴厘岛 2018-02-16
Secret Garden Bar & Restaurant、Laughing Buddha Bar、Nero Bar & Restaurant、Tubes Bar and Restaurant、The Pond Restaurant, Banquet & Lounge、The 18th Restaurant and Lounge、Seminyak Kitchen;Enjoy the renowned touch of our expertly and fully licensed Balinese Masseuses at SPA The Royal Santrian Resort & Villa hotel in Nusa Dua . In the comfort and privacy of our Spa Villa or at your own villa, you have the option of experiencing in-door or out-door treatments that include full body mass
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泰国 · 普吉岛 fionajiajia 发表于2018-01-25
    第三天:珊瑚岛+皇帝岛一日游    酒店:前三晚选择住在各路游记中大名顶顶的Meir Jarr Hotel;Secret Cliff      1
welcome to ?TIFFANY'S  SECRET   HOTEL     ​​​​
美国 · 塞班 两毛钱币 2017-08-14
welcome to ?TIFFANY'S SECRET HOTEL ​​​​
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