Los Secretos Guesthouse简介: SecretosLosSecretosGuesthouse旅馆在博卡斯-德尔托罗岛(BocasdelToroIsland),设有一个室外游泳池和带休息区的甲板,于各处覆盖有免费WiFi。每间客房都设有可欣赏到大海和游泳池的阳台。私人浴室还配有淋浴设施。客房还提供平安保险箱、床单以及电扇。LosSecretosGuesthouse旅馆提供机场班车、花园和露台,还设有共用休息室和旅游咨询台。客人能够在旅馆内或周边地区享受钓鱼、浮潜和划独木舟等各种各样的活动。

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Loubna Aker
Xavier was welcoming and had answered all my questions before the trip (cost of taxi boat , cost of meals ...)Amazing view Great Wifi. I couldn't open the balcony because of the bugsPrice of the meals are expensive comparing to bocas town

Staying at Los Secretos was wonderful. A place to dream, to completely unwind, to be surrounded by beauty and the natural world and even to make new friends. I look at the pictures we took just to remind myself it was not a dream. The whole staff were so welcoming from the moment we stepped off the water taxi. All rooms are clean and neat with fantastic views off the balconies. You are surrounded by amazing bird calls and you may well spot sloths, red frogs and other interesting inhabitants of the jungle garden. You can use the kayaks to explore the mangrove islands but be careful the sun is very strong! All meals are available and taken on the terrace. In the evening all guests share one long table and the wine helps the conversation flow as you find shared languages to exchange ideas and experiences. It is very hard to think of a more beautiful setting for breakfast. Help with trips out to beaches and activities are easily arranged by the staff--but I would advise staying put and just soaking up the views and the atmosphere of one of the most wonderful places to stay.. I can't think of anything--possibly some slightly easier to spot monkeys!

The place was a real paradise, it was impressive, we actually could see dolphins playing in the water in the end of the afternoon (I was them two consecutive days!). It is located in Isla Bastimentos, the most beautiful among the islands in Bocas del Toro, in a mangrove area full of nature, parrots, sloths and beautiful beautiful views. Xavier and his staff are the most kind hosts we have had in a long while in our trips. Always happy to have a chat, or show us around, or help us in anything we need, he is also a great cook, and the dinners we had after long days of exploration were among the best moments we had in the whole trip. The dogs were really friendly and also a great company, and the rooms were really confy and beautiful.

This a such a relaxing place to stay with beautiful views across the water. The property backs onto an area of jungle which is great for nature spotting! We loved snorkelling and kayaking around the island. The food is fantastic and the hosts are lovely! We would love to go back.


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Photo credit to Los Angeles Times,http://www.latimes.com/topic/arts-culture/architecture/rockefeller-center-PLTRA0000150-topic.html;Guesthouse Gerði. Guesthouse Gerði
西班牙 · 马德里 2018-02-18
La Candela Resto、Diver XO、Bodega de los SecretosLos 100 montaditos、
攻略 来源:梦想旅行
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los indios tabajaras;Is too late,tonight。I must go to Guesthouse now”。Jerry
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Bla Guesthouse: Espora 257, 9405 El Calafate, Argentina Dec. 31 D8:;rosa de los vientos: Roca 533, 9410 Ushuaia, Argentina
妹妹带着叔叔,叔叔带着钱 一起去看看这世界(曼谷、华欣)
妹妹带着叔叔,叔叔带着钱 一起去看看这世界(曼谷、华欣)
泰国 · 曼谷 juiletzi 发表于2016-01-03
LOS ANGELLES(;Victor Guesthouse):197.31CNY
泰国全境20天游记 第一站曼谷
泰国全境20天游记 第一站曼谷
泰国 · 曼谷 刁民很宅 发表于2015-10-18
 LOS LOS ANGELLES 影视城 本层以休闲服饰为主;之后从甲米回来试了Airbnb,一时色心起,看房主头像比较帅,就定了他的guesthouse,他家真是,除了他可爱但有点儿臭的三条哈士奇,再无推荐理由
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LAX ️ ​​​​
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洛杉矶吃货节Dine L.A.已经开始!冬季美食攻略在此
洛杉矶吃货节Dine L.A.已经开始!冬季美食攻略在此
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